Jyoti LMS

Our diligent, diversified and distinctive Learning Management System (LMS) is your choice of seamless dissemination of education.

Why Jyoti LMS?

Cost & ease

Modern & professional

course builder


Extensive course builder

User-friendly interface

Drag & drop system

Unlimited customization

Jyoti offers an easy to use, smart, simple and extremely affordable LMS. The LMS allows you to utilize the extensive tools to design the courses of your choice, in a user-friendly manner.


Easy eLearning Management

Add multiple instructors

Set course prerequisites

Control course enrolments

learning management

With multiple options to prepare your questions, ranging from single choice, MCQs, short answers, long answers, and more, you get to offer your students a wide variety of testing tools. The LMS also provides you a variety of grading methods for your questions and set time limit of your choice.

quiz creator


A variety of question formats

Automated quiz results

Randomize & re-order questions

Limit quiz attempts & answering time

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