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Jyoti International relentlessly offers educational technologies and quality advisory services and promotes smart educational enhancement facilities.

About Jyoti International

We are a group of professionals and academics striving to bring about positive changes to our clients, ranging from individuals, groups of people, corporations and institutions, in enhancing professional, academic and personal skills. Our experts provide top class business solutions in academic and corporate trainings, advisory and technical services.
Our expert panels come from a diverse background, including Banking and Finance, Law, Education and IT.

Our services

Professional Training

We offer professional and academic training programs to individuals, groups, corporates, institutions and firms.

Personal Development

Our personal development programs are aimed to transforming you to the best version of yourself – physically, spiritually and professionally.

Educational Technology Services

Jyoti provides cutting-edge technological assistance to institutions and academies. Our unique Learning Management System (LMS) offers an easy-to-use interface, with advanced and efficient tools to promote your knowledge to others.


We understand the immense impact entrepreneurship have on the country's economy. In these days of economic downturn, we would like to offer young, energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs gateways to their financial freedom. We mold businessmen for a healthier economy.


We can also assist you in organizing academic and professional events in collaboration with our partners in Malaysia and Cambridge. If you are interested in organizing a conference, training program or any academic or professional event, contact us for a lucrative offer of cooperation.

Consultancy and Advisory​

We bring in experienced and world class consultants to advise, guide and recommend the best solutions for our clients. Educational Institutions and corporates alike benefit from the wide ranged consultancy and advisory services of Jyoti.

With its partners in Cambridge in the United Kingdom and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Jyoti International offers you the best-in-class training and education to develop one’s untapped potentials. We do not only train people, rather we create leaders capable of making a ripple effect of quality leadership.

Jyoti’s seamless programs are diligently designed to cater professional, academic and personal development.

Extensive Course Builder

Jyoti LMS comes with a revolutionary drag & drop system to create resourceful courses.

Easy eLearning Management

Jyoti LMS helps you stay in charge of all your courses.

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